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Love our Wrangler platform!

We’ve only been out on one trip with our platform, but so far it’s been amazing. Easy to set up and much more comfortable than our setup before.

The best part is all of the storage that we now have (we picked up a couple of bins that slide under the platform in the back). So much better to have our kitchen stuff handy right next to our tailgate table and not buried in a bag.

Looking forward to future adventures!

Crosstrek Camping

I took my new CarToCamp platform out for an overnight test run in my 2024 Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness this last weekend and loved it! It's well engineered, well made, easy to put together and take apart, and the storage underneath solves the issue of stuff everywhere so that you can enjoy the level, non-bumpy, comfortable sleeping platform. Get one!

Honda CRV Sleep platform

First of all, Nathan is awesome to work with, he knows the product and was very patient answering all my questions. While the platform arrived earlier than expected, there was a slight issue with the shipped product, which Nathan corrected swiftly. The platform itself is solid, well planned out and fit my car perfectly. All in all, I’m happy and expect to get years of use from my purchase.

2019 Rav4 Bed Platform, and Conversion Kit

I love this set up. I've gotten the chance to sleep one night using the full bed configuration, and so far it's been great! Much better than the uneven surface, and much better than the makeshift leveling set up I had before. Plus, it's beautifully made! I intend to use the conversion kit as soon as my car comes back from the shop, to be able to have the bed on one side and my remote office setup on the other. I tested a portable monitor stand attachment (fits great on the bed), and a folding desk board that now fits perfectly thanks to the conversion kit (no pics yet, but hoping to add an update later ^.^)

Thank you for the excellent product!

The absolute best and easiest design for a platform bed

I love the design of this platform bed. I watched the video step-by-step, and it was very easy to put together the first time. Now would be no problem to do it on my own. I love the fact that it can be taken apart and stored. It’s very lightweight but sturdy. This company has done all the work as far as figuring out the best designs for platforms for my RAV4.

Mesh Window Screens
Scott Shriver
Jlu bug screens

These screens are way too short to be effective for what they are designed for. They leave a very big gap at bottom and really don't even fit right. Also the stiching sewn on for elastic was already coming apart before they were even installed. Definetly a different approach is needed if they are to be sold as bug screens, at least for a Jeep JLU fitment.

Sorry about this fitment issues! We've learned the Jeep Wrangler JLU windows are too large to fit these window screens and they sound like they were over stretched. We've issued you a full refund and hope you're able to find larger window screens for your JLU :)

Sleeping Platform
Bill Smith

Have not gone camping yet but have appreciated the construction and am looking forward to trying it out.

Not just a camping tool

I use this system for work. I work at the airport and sleep in between shifts. This system has opened up a new life for me with work and CAMPING!!! Thank you CarToCamp for producing an amazing product. GREAT QUALITY!


Working with Nathan has been great. Very nice quality product!

Great Jeep Platform Product and Customer service

As a mechanical engineer I appreciate the great platform design and manufacturing process it was built with. The product was veneered maple over furniture grade birch wood. Nathan the customer service representative made possible delivery as promised to a time critical situation to support a recent camp outing. The platform product fit exactly and assembled with ease using the furnished manual and parts list. My order also consisted of the DeepSleep pad product and work well as a system to the platform. I can’t say enough how Profesional the product and service was !

Sleeping Platform Solo
Harlean Liebno
Sleeping like a happy camper.

I love it. They quality is top of the line and it was so easy to put together for this 86 year old women. Directions were very clear and with each piece marked the whole process went together fast and perfect. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism answering my questions and for the great packaging and delivery that arrived right on time. Really appreciate the well constructed product and the good service. Ms H Liebno

Sleeping Platform

Great platform, only rec is engineer/find a better hinge solution that is flush with the platform


I received my sleeping platform for my 2013 Honda CRV. It’s great quality and fits very well. With my 6-inch trifold mattress, it feels very sturdy and comfortable. I can’t wait to camp with it for the first time at the end of this month!

Sleeping Platform
Fernando Cavero

Excellent product. Very easy to assemble and very well thought out. They rectified the few small shipping issues I had very quickly. I’m new to the car camping adventure and this is definitely helpful and much better than anything I could have engineered from watching YouTube videos. It fits very well in both my Venza and highlander and is easy to move to whatever vehicle I decide to take.

Sleeping Platform V1
Tracy Anderson
Absolutely the Best!

The designers who made this literally thought of everything. It's so nice and lightweight, but so sturdy and user friendly. You can really tell it's made of high quality materials. It was so easy to put together. Absolute best customer service I have ever experienced in my life. We got the double sleeper bed and we are so thrilled with it. I highly recommend this company!


I love this platform! I successfully crammed the double size into my 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX hatchback. The width of my older-model car is snug for the back part between the wheel wells, but it does just fit. And all set up, it’s comfortable for me to fully stretch out to sleep (I’m 5’7”). The lightweight, adjustable, modular construction makes it perfect. I can easily pop it apart to stash it + my gear in the hatch and put my seats back up. I can also easily transfer it over to my partner’s vehicle when we camp together.
Overall: Very well designed. Very good quality. Stellar customer service. Definitely get it! You need this thing in your life!

Sleeping Platform
Chris Nelson

It's perfect! Modular, sturdy, and all around a quality product. Exactly what I was looking for!

Perfect solution!

I'm very impressed with the design, construction and ease of set-up of this sleeping platform. It fits my 2019 Nissan Pathfinder very well. Love it!

A lot of sleeping space, and easy to bring along!

I absolutely love my sleeping platform. It stores well in my trunk, and when opened for use, the adjustable sliding part of the platform fills the space between my covered wheels and trunk perfectly. In fact, I'm getting another car soon that has a longer trunk space, and it will fit perfectly in that space, too.

I like how the portion that fits behind the back of my front seats is nice and wide. The pieces on the side open up, so I can get to items nearer the door and in the seat wells.

And, I must admit, I ended up talking to Nathan about why my platform wasn't level. I just couldn't figure it out: I put pieces of wood under the legs, measured them, etc. Well, I was putting it together with my car in the garage, which has a sloping floor! So no wonder ... it was level after all!! Thanks for your help, Nathan.

I'll have this sleeping platform for years, and will be able to share it with others, as well.

Sleeping Platform
Gary Baker
Great product, great people

I spent some time debating whether to build a sleeping platform based on the great ideas people had and ultimately with no easy access to tools, just bought a pre fabricated one. Nathan was great to deal with and answered all my questions pre-purchase and the platform arrived a few weeks later as they are all hand built in PA. Nathan responded quickly to questions I had on fitting/setup and resolved things for me. The frame is light and the expandable platform and engineering is nicely done for the price point.

Sleeping Platform
Jamie Bennet
Best Solution Yet!

I have experienced car camping a handful of times, which allowed me to see different fashions to execute sleeping in cars. Ive slept on platforms built by friends, Ive created beds in the back of SUVs with pads and blankets, Ive even crammed into a silly sedan in order to sleep (not so comfortably) through the night. All of these experiences have been attainable, but the only option that allowed me to feel like I was in the comfort of a real, practically full-sized bed was using the CarToCamp platform.

Sleeping Platform V1
Nick Tomczyk
Easy setup, very comfortable, and super convenient.

I've been using this sleeping platform for a few months and have loved it. It was pretty easy to initially set up for my first trip on it. After the initial setup, taking it apart and putting it back together for storage between trips only takes about two minutes which has been super convenient. It always was very easy to switch between me and my roommates cars depending on who decided to drive for each trip. I’ve used the platform to camp in a few different places including the beach and a campground at Krause Springs and it has made camping much more comfortable than it used to be in my tent. My friends slept in a tent next to my car while I slept on a mattress pad on the platform, and it was pretty obvious in the morning who had a better nights rest. Something else about the platform that has been helpful is the amount of storage space it allows you to have in the car. As someone who always overpacks, I never realize how much I take on my camping trips until I’m squeezing it all in the car. I was somehow able to squeeze the platform, a mattress pad, 2 tents, chairs/bags/belongings for 5 people, and a large cooler in my trunk while still utilizing all 5 of my car’s seats. When I set up the platform at the campsite, it was easy to neatly organize all my equipment under the platform and I could access it all from both doors and the trunk. Plus, it took less time to set up than my friends who were pitching a tent.