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New CarToCamp Owners Group on Facebook

Hi, it's Nathan, co-founder of CarToCamp.

Over the past few years you all have written me the coolest emails with photos and stories of your car camping adventures. Yesterday I created a Facebook group for all of us to share stories, exchange tips, and inspire each other to adventure more!

Click Here to join the new Facebook group.

Photos From The Group

Right away we had members join and start sharing photos of their car camping adventures. I've included a few below!

Kamber shared photos of her RAV4 car camping setup and it looks like their service dog Delilah enjoys camping too!

Kamber has used the Conversion Kit to configure the RAV4 Sleeping Platform for one person (and one dog) camping.

Tiffany shared these photos from a secluded campsite in Sand Wash Basin, Colorado. Again, using the Toyota RAV4 Sleeping Platform to enjoy these scenic views! I love the little lantern hanging in there :)

Thanks for sharing everybody and I look forward to seeing what car camping adventures you embark on this summer!

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