Introducing: The Conversion Kit

Introducing: The Conversion Kit

As a direct result of customer feedback - we are happy to introduce the Conversion Kit!

The Conversion Kit is an add-on to the Sleeping Platform. It is five new pieces that when swapped into the Sleeping Platform allow the user to setup only one side of the front half of the Sleeping Platform at a time. This new use case is especially handy for the solo traveler who wants to be able to use one of the seats in the second row of the vehicle. The Conversion Kit allows the user to configure half of the platform on either the passenger or driver side and can be swapped back in forth. When the full of the platform is needed again, simply swap out a few parts and now the Sleeping Platform will span the full width of the vehicle again.

Car camping Sleeping Platform conversion kit in a subaru outback

The Subaru Outback Sleeping Platform paired with the new Conversion Kit.

car camping sleeping platform with one seat up

One rear seat can be used normally while still having room to extend half of the Sleeping Platform to it's full length. The Conversion Kit is indented to be used on the 60 split side of the second row of seats. It is not compatible with vehicles with captain's chairs in the second row.


 Linked below is a video guide walking through every step of the install process.

Conversion Kit Install Guide Video


The Conversion Kit is compatible with all Sleeping Platforms sold since February 1st, 2023. If you have any questions about how the Conversion Kit will work in your vehicle, please feel free to email us at

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does this conversion kit work for a 2016 wrangler ? thx.


Hi, do you have a platform for 2018 4Runner with back seats taken out?


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